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Australian vintage wine barrels

Quality casks born from
Quality Australian Wine

Providing you with the finest Australian vintage red, white and fortified wine barrels sourced from world renowned wine regions.

Nebb Whisky Barrels offers fresh oak for consistency of character with provenance from the Australian wine industry to compliment, enhance and add new dimension to spirit maturation and finishing. Together, we are reshaping the whisky industry.

Sourced from our homeland so that you can produce the flavour of yours.

What Our Clients Say

Very High Quality Wine Casks

Nebb Barrels offer a wide variety of very high quality wine casks from prestigious Australian producers. The company provides a personal service from start to finish and being able to hand select and nose casks before purchase is very useful.

Andy Bell

Quality Ex-wine Barrels

Nebb Barrels offer us access to quality ex-wine barrels from Australia, which were previously very hard to come by. Each comes with full traceability and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to nose each cask before purchasing

Euan Campbell

Great Company … Great Guys

The quality of the casks look amazing. Great company with great guys that will do anything to help, would highly recommend.

Neil Bulloch

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