Fortified Wine Barrels


Australian Fortified Wine Barrels

Dry Apera

Expect a bright onion gold colour/pale gold hue. Strong rancio character with nutty end note. Palate is medium-dry, with the rancio characteristics of orange rind.

Sweet Apera

Medium/amber colour, orange peel, honey, clove spice with some raisin notes and a creamy texture.


Deep orange amber with floral aromas of crushed rose petal, lavender and orange blossom. The palate has rich raisins, with subtle oak and great length.


White gold in colour with aromas of quince jelly, kumquats and dried frui. The palate has notes of zesty lemon.

Tawny Port

Very sweet barrel-aged port with oxidative nut and caramel flavours.

Ruby Port

Rich and gloriously red, with plum and berry notes.

White Port (Fortified Riesling)

These flavours range from honey nectar to caramel and hazelnut. Dry white ports are fermented longer in tanks and usually wood, and have a hint of sweetness with a nutty finish.

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